Here you can find list of publications connected to development of this competence-based learning environment.

Author Title Year
Kadri Umbleja Students' grading control and visualisation in competence-based learning approach 2015
Vello Kukk; Kadri Umbleja; Martin Jaanus Two-Dimensional Knowledge Model for Learning Control and Competence Mapping 2015
Martin Jaanus; Kadri Umbleja; Vello Kukk; Andres Udal Competence based interactive learning with HomeLabKits: Experience and work in progress 2014
Kadri Umbleja; Vello Kukk; Martin Jaanus; Andres Udal New concepts of automatic answer evaluation in competence based learning 2014
Kadri Umbleja; Vello Kukk; Martin Jaanus Competence-based approach to learning 2013
Vello Kukk; Kadri Umbleja Analysis of forgetting in a learning environment 2012
Martin Jaanus; Vello Kukk; Kadri Umbleja Integrating Labs into Learning Environment 2010
Vello Kukk; Martin Jaanus Student forgetting model: Practical experience 2008

Full list of publications can be found from ETIS.