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Cyber Electronics ISC0100

Description of the subject in OIS

The maing goal of thic course is to get basic knowledges of elecronics.

The course includes opetating principles of elecronics components such resistors, capaccitors, inductors, diodes, transistors and how to compose from them more complex circuits indluding digital circuits. Also the course ilcludes topics related to relatoinship between electronics and real world (sensosrs, actuators and the priniciples of operation).

Microprocessor systems IAS04030

Description of the subject in OIS

The main goal of this Course is to get basic knowledges of microprocessors, assembly language and elecrical interfacing.

The course includes operating principles of components related to microprocessor system - Logic gates , memories, Input-output system, interrupts, analog to digital converters and related topics.

The principle of study is "learning by doing" . The course is in the interactive learning environment

The main aspects of competence-based approach are:
  • Small theoretical tasks that take few minutes
  • Repetition of similar tasks
  • Memory model that lowers your results over time if you do not repeat the competence again to prove you haven't forgotten it
  • There is no fixed number of tasks you have to do to get a grade - the amount of work is individual

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